[mythtv-users] RE: Configuring SPDIF digital out. -- new weirdnesses

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 20:25:59 EST 2005

On 19/12/05, Marius Schrecker <marius at schrecker.org> wrote:
> My current mixer settings (from alsamixer console mode) are:
> Master: 71%
> Master Mono: Mute
> PCM: 100%
> ...
> IEC958:PCM
> IEC958 Playback AC97-SPSA : 0%
> IEC958 Playback AC97-SPSA Capture : 0%
> Capture: 100%
> Mix: Capture set
> External Amplifier: Set


Although using a different soundcard (ATI IXP150) I checked my mixer
settings and have the following (note my IEC958 Playback AC97-SPSA
setting is at 3 (100%) whereas yours above is at 0%. I remember having
to set this to 100% before anything would come out of my digital

        control.33 {
                comment.access 'read write'
                comment.type BOOLEAN
                comment.count 1
                iface MIXER
                name 'IEC958 Playback Switch'
                value true
        control.34 {
                comment.access 'read write'
                comment.type INTEGER
                comment.count 1
                comment.range '0 - 3'
                iface MIXER
                name 'IEC958 Playback AC97-SPSA'
                value 3
        control.35 {
                comment.access 'read write'
                comment.type ENUMERATED
                comment.count 1
                comment.item.0 AC-Link
                comment.item.1 'A/D Converter'
                iface MIXER
                name 'IEC958 Playback Source'
                value AC-Link

> What does the output from /proc/asound/devices mean? It looks as if both
> Card 0 device 2 and card 0 device 0 are set as digital output devices??

I get similar, and only have a single SPDIF-out (no input):

[mythtv at pvr mythtv]$ cat /proc/asound/devices
  0: [0- 0]: ctl
 17: [0- 1]: digital audio playback
 16: [0- 0]: digital audio playback
 24: [0- 0]: digital audio capture
 33:       : timer

(I understand that the first number represents the minor number of the
device - check the snddevices script that comes with the ALSA source).

I'd still check the IEC958 mixer settings (play some audio in a loop
whilst you are checking settings) - at least this is the way I
determined what settings were required for my card.


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