[mythtv-users] RE: Configuring SPDIF digital out.

Paul V. Gratz pgratz at gratz1.com
Sat Dec 17 21:44:19 EST 2005

On Saturday 17 December 2005 04:59 pm, James C. Dastrup wrote:
> I might suggest that all alsa utilities, alsactl, and everything else is NOT required
> to use digital out with MythTV.  I'm using MythTV 0.18.1 on Gentoo and I only
> have the necessary alsa drivers compiled in the kernel. I've never used alsamixer
> or alsactl, or installed/emerged alsa-utils, alsamixer, aplay, or anything else 
> alsa related. I'm not starting any alsa services during startup. The only thing I did is:
> Enable alsa support and driver in the kernel.
> Put .asoundrc in my home directory.
> Set MythTV as follows:
>   -Enable AC3
>   -Device = "ALSA:digital"
>   -Mixer = "digital"
> and that's it.  I also have all the other mythplugins working by setting their device
> to ALSA:digital. Is my setup unique, or are people doing more than need to
> to get digital audio working?

Does setting the mixer to digital allow volume control from mythtv of
the digital out? I'd like to be able to do that.  Also I'd like to be
able have both analog and digital have the same output, is that


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