[mythtv-users] improve quality Hauppauge PVR 250

Daniel Stengel dstengel at uni-mannheim.de
Mon Dec 19 11:15:42 EST 2005

Ok it probably is a rec. problem... The size has been 480x480 but
recording in 720x576 does not change much (didnt see any change)
but recording at a bitrate of 7500 (max. 10000) did change a lot!
But i now i need roughly 140 MB for 3 mins of recording...
Again for explanation: the stripes I see occur i.e. if somebody moves
his hand when talking (so the movement is not sooo fast)...
Does noone see these stripes as well?



Am Montag, den 19.12.2005, 14:32 +0100 schrieb Nick Rosier:
> On 12/19/05, Daniel Stengel <dstengel at uni-mannheim.de> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > i wanted to know what are your "optimal" settings for getting the best
> > quality with a pvr 250?
> > With the default settings I repeatedly have stripes in the picture
> > (often with a "fast" moving camera).
> I'm using ivtv 0.4.1, no tweaking (no module-params, no DNR-settings).
> In MythTV record in 720x576 (720x480 for NTSC) so no scaling needs to
> be done: scaling gives stripes, waves etc... I've set recording
> bitrate for good quality to 4500 and max bitrate to 6000.
> Are you sure the stripes are caused during recording and not during playback?
> N.
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