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James Oltman cnlibmyth at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 10:34:26 EST 2005

I just wanted to share something with the community.  I really find this
mailing list quite helpful.  I was having trouble with FFing through TV
recordings.  The FF would start fine but then jump around and get quite
pixelated and then freeze.  After searching through the mailing list I was
told that it was a problem with the version of Myth I was running (.18).   I
didn't understand it because it used to work just fine.  Then one day, my
system just stopped recording anything at all.  That REALLY confused me, but
I had plenty of recordings to keep me busy so I ignored it.  Then this
weekend, I got a wild hair and decided to fix the problem.  I ran a
mythfilldatabase and it gave me an error which I searched on the mailing
list for.  I found it and was told to do a mysqlcheck.  Specifically this:


Well I ran it and then I could run mythfill again and things were schedulded
to record.  I watched one of these recordings and was able to fast forward
without ANY difficulties!  I had NO idea that the MYSQL database had
anything to do with fast forwarding.  So I put that mysqlcheck into a cron
job for every Monday at 11am so I never have that problem again.  But I just
wanted to thank the people on the list.  They have been quite helpful, and I
hope this post will be helpful to someone at some point.  Thanks again all!

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