[mythtv-users] OT: Anyone up for a little modeline assistance?

James C. Dastrup jc at dastrup.com
Mon Dec 19 11:37:51 EST 2005

>On my one my front ends I have a Samsung HP-R5072 50" Plasma TV. It is a great TV and so far I love it!
>I hooked up the front end I built for it which has a 6600GT PCI-E card in it using a DVI > HDMI cable for it.
>I am having a little bit of an issue getting the proper modeline for it. I have tried a couple of the online calculators
>and tried their output but the frequency must not be right as the picture isn't in sync and text is unreadable. 
>I tried using gtf and the same modeline as my BenQ PE7700 projector (both using 1280X720 at 60) and both
>display correctly however there is about 10-15% overscan. 
>I have also searched but since the best resolution that it suggests is 1360X768 doesn't seem to standard.
>I attached a capture from the manual showing a table of resolutions and frequencies and am looking for a bit of help. 
>The manual says "The PC text quality of HP-R5072 is optimum in WXGA mode (1360 x 768 at 60Hz)." However 
>I am currently using 1280X720 and it looks perfect so I figure I would stick with that so my content would look the
>same on the projector or plasma. 
>I also tried xvidtune, however no matter what I settings I change, I can't see any difference in the picture when I apply it. 
>So in the overscanned desktop I started the FE and set the GUI to 1280X720 and told it to display video at the 
>same size. When the FE is running, there is only like 2-5% overscan which wouldn't be to big of a deal, but it is right 
>on the edge of cutting text off in the GUI so it is kind of annoying. 
Use the PC Input jack instead.
I have a Samsung HL-R6167 61" DLP.  I originally used a DVI-HDMI and tried forever to get a perfect modeline.
The best I could get wasn't good enough. I always had a bad moire effect in the X grey pattern, although TV viewing
was acceptable.
I finally gave up, and used the PC-input to the TV. Now, no modeline required. X determines the appropriate settings
automatically and no moire effect, either. The picture is just as bright and clear as with HDMI. Resolution is set the the
TV's native 1280x720.
Using the PC Input there is some overscan, but it's not too bad. Since it affects the GUI, just run the GUI in a window
and position and scale it so it fits the screen better.

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