[mythtv-users] mythstreamtv help

Vincent Yau v_yau2 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 19 01:53:14 EST 2005


I have setup mythstreamtv for a while but did not use
it till this week.  No matter, what I do, I am not able
to transmit the video portion.  I can hear
the audio though.  I look under the script and
check to see how vlc is being invoked.  I then
tried to play with vlc myself.  I was able to issue vlc to capture live
tv  and when I play it on my client (WinXP using Window Media), I can
watch live TV.  However, even if using the same parameter
to play my mythtv recordings (so playing the nuv files directly instead
of from /dev/video), I can still only hear the sound
but not able to see any video.

Am looking for advice on what I can try to fix this problem.

any tip much appreciated!


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