[mythtv-users] Restoring Select Database Files

Michael Starks mythtv at michaelstarks.com
Sun Dec 18 11:54:05 EST 2005

Hello Mythers.  I had a drive go south on me and eventually decided to
rebuild the system from scratch on different hardware.  During the
process of the drive failing, the database was corrupted.  I *do* have
backup but not as far back as I need to get a good, clean copy of the
database, so the backup will only be partially useful.

The database backup is essentially just the files in
/var/lib/mysql/mythconverg, so I am hoping I can simply replace key
files to get back what I need.  I am hoping to only restore the tables
of what has been recorded (about 350GB worth of recordings, minus one or
two corrupt files), commercial cut points, scheduled recordings and
previously recorded.  Everything else I can recreate.  What files will
need to be restored for that?  Thanks in advance.

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