[mythtv-users] RE: Configuring SPDIF digital out.

Johan Kihlström johan.kihlstrom at bredband.net
Sun Dec 18 07:31:45 EST 2005

sön 2005-12-18 klockan 01:15 +0000 skrev Nick:
> On 18/12/05, Johan Kihlström <johan.kihlstrom at bredband.net> wrote:
> > I have a similar setup as above and just did aplay somesoundfile.wav and
> > it went out the right way(through spdif into SurroundrReciever)
> >
> > A lot of hours compiling an googling felt very worthwhile at that point.
> > Now if only I could get Xine to output to spdif instead of crashing...
> Johan,
> When I got xine working with my SPDIF output, the only lines I needed
> to check (in ~/.xine/config) were:
> # device used for stereo output
> audio.device.alsa_front_device:default
> # pass through to SPDIF
> audio.output.speaker_arrangement:Pass Through
> My default PCM device is my SPDIF output (configured using Mike Dean
> excellent Digital Sound HOWTO), after specifying the speaker option,
> everything worked immediately, and my blue Dolby Digital light lit up
> as soon as I played a DVD.
> The other SPDIF related entries were OK left at their defaults:
> #audio.device.alsa_passthrough_device:iec958:AES0=0x6,AES1=0x82,AES2=0x0,AES3=0x2
> #audio.device.alsa_surround51_device:plug:surround51:0
> Do you get any errors when xine crashes?
> Nick
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Hi Nick,

I have 

audio.device.alsa_front_device:default and
audio.output.speaker_arrangement:Pass Through set.

also the 

> #audio.device.alsa_surround51_device:plug:surround51:0


When trying to play I get : Audio device not available, please check if
yada, yada.

Only software running the audio device is Xine AFAIK.

In the xine log there's :

audio_decoder error : unknown buffer type 01060000
audio_decoder error : unknown buffer type 02000000
audio_decoder error : unknown buffer type 04000000

Been googling and fussing around for a couple of days now and haven't
got to the end of it yet. A bit frustrating really, as this was the
final hurdle to get a brand new gentoox installation running flawlessly
on my Xbox with 5.1 sound from all DVB channels that provide it, besides
running the DVD's with the best sound possible.

Best regards & happy holidays!


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