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Marty Ravell mythtv at rave-tech.com.au
Sun Dec 18 04:02:40 EST 2005

I have a hidden MythTV box. The wife was pissed at my collection of
homebuilt amps and cables all over the place so I replaced most of it with a
MythTV box and moved this, along with my power amp, to a custom built
cabinet under the floor (timber frame house). The only problem that I have
with this is that the DVD drive is of course no longer accessible. (To get
to my Myth box I literally have to go outside, around the side of the house
and open the cabinet with a deadlock key)


The last component that I have inside (sitting on top of the TV) is a DVD
player. I would like to get rid of this as well and was wondering if anyone
out there in MythTV land has come across a similar situation?


I have another Linux box (the house server in another room) which does my
firewall, mail server etc and I was thinking that I could perhaps setup a
script on this machine and an NFS share (or similar) so that if we go to the
video store we could put the disk into this machine and rip it into the Myth


My Myth box runs a Hauppauge PVR-350 and given my experiences with the
current framebuffer drivers I am leaning towards leaving it using the
hardware decoder as it does now.


My questions therefore are :


1.	Can I rip a DVD in such a way as to produce nuv files that the 350's
hardware decoder can display?
2.	Is it possible to setup a separate machine so that I could use the
DVD Playing capability of Myth? (I'm thinking perhaps that I could setup a
separate backend install on my home server?


Any ideas?








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