[mythtv-users] Audio problems - Do I need new hardware?

James C. Dastrup jc at dastrup.com
Sun Dec 18 00:47:26 EST 2005

>> Using 0.18.1, I have two audio problems, both of which I've researched
>> quite a bit, but thought I would check one last time if any solutions are
>> available. I'm using an ASUS P4P800-VM with on-board AC'97 audio using
>> optical audio out to a receiver. Digital audio works fine for HDTV and DVD.
>>  The two problems are:
>> 1) Very annoying, loud, audio drum-beat-like sound when playback stops,
>> only occurs occasionally. Happens when stopping liveTV, Recorded, mplayer,
>> etc.
>> 2) MythMusic plays back ripped audio too fast, chipmunk-style.
>> >From what I can tell, most people don't experience these problems, and
>> > some have suggested the MythMusic problems is due to cheap audio hardware.
>> If I'm going to buy an add-on PCI Audio Card, can anyone recommend one that
>> is known to work well with linux/MythTV?
>Do you get the drum-beat-like sound during normal playback with low volume
>The drum-beat sound only occurs after audio playback has stopped, when
>no sound is supposed to be produced. It's almost as if the audio hangs on 
>a sound and keeps repeating it in a loop. During playback, audio is perfect.
>Considering it happens with mplayer (called from MythVideo), I'm starting
>to think it has nothing to do with Myth, but rather the hardware, or maybe
>even drivers (It doesn't happen in Windows, same hardware). I ordered 
>a Turtle Beach Riviera this morning (thanks, Dewey), and I'll post an update
>if it resolves it.
Just an update on this. I received my Turtle Beach Riviera card and it seems
to have fixed all my audio problems! I modified the kernel drivers, and had to
change one line in .asoundrc; from device 4 to device 2; and the problems
described above are gone!
Thanks for all those that helped.  I can't say for certain that the on-board
audio hardware was the cause, but a $25 replacement is a good enough
solution for me.

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