[mythtv-users] ide controller advice

Jon Whitear jon at whitear.org
Fri Dec 16 17:59:30 EST 2005

>My basic requirements are:
>- cheap.  Definitely under $100, preferably under $60.
>- can power down my disks when they've been idle for a while.
>- SMART capability
>- stock Fedora 4 kernel compatibility.
>- RAID -- OK, not a requirement because I don't currently use it, but
>it might be nice in the future.
I've recently been through a similar process, but my requirement was to 
RAID1 the OS disk.

My research indicated that 'cheap' IDE RAID controllers aren't worth it 
- they do the RAID in software (the driver) anyway, so you might as well 
use Linux software RAID. If you want RAID in hardware, the 3ware 
controllers are well supported.

In other words, any old bog-standard IDE controller should do just fine, 
and should support hdparm/smart.



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