[mythtv-users] ide controller advice

Mike Schiller mdschiller.mythtv at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 23:39:01 EST 2005

I'm looking for some advice in purchasing a new PCI IDE controller. 
In my current backend setup, I have a pci IDE raid controller
(IT/ITE82812 based) with 4 hard disks attached.  I picked up the IDE
card for ~$30 at a computer show a couple of years ago.  The drives
are of differing size, and are configured as an LVM group -- I'm not
actually using the raid features of the board.  Unfortunately, the IDE
controller doesn't support SMART, nor is it capable of powering down
my hard disks when they're not in use.

I'd like to replace my IDE controller with a new one (I use the one on
my motherboard for the OS disk, and a couple of optical drives), and
am wondering what has worked well for others in the mythtv community. 
My basic requirements are:

- cheap.  Definitely under $100, preferably under $60.
- can power down my disks when they've been idle for a while.
- SMART capability
- stock Fedora 4 kernel compatibility.
- RAID -- OK, not a requirement because I don't currently use it, but
it might be nice in the future.

Thanks for any advice you have to offer,

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