[mythtv-users] Channel frequencies

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Dec 15 20:58:09 EST 2005

Grant Horning wrote:

> I have a Hauppauge 250 card with the IVTV 0.5.1 unstable drivers. I 
> have it set up to use the ‘us-cable’ frequencies. I could get most 
> channels but they didn’t match up to the right numbers. I already 
> mapped out the frequencies by hand and found the ones I was missing. 
> Where are the frequency map files? Why does my cable provider 
> (Adelphia) use non standard frequencies and how does my normal TV map 
> them correctly?
Which ones are you missing? What channels are incorrect (i.e. I tune 5 
and get 6)? Are you absolutely positive the problem is with Adelphia? It 
sounds a lot like someone (and I don't mean your cable provider) set the 
wrong tuner type...


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