[mythtv-users] Help setting up IR Blaster

Jon Hoyt jonhoyt at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 19:49:48 EST 2005


 I'm using Knoppmyth and I've been trying to set up an IR Blaster to
change channels on my Dish Network receiver. I've been using the
How-To at:


All of the compiling in stage 1 went relatively smoothly, and stage 2
was going well until I tried to install the ledxmit_serial module:

 root at mythtv:/home/mythtv# /sbin/modprobe ledxmit_serial
 FATAL: Error inserting ledxmit_serial
(/lib/modules/ Device or
resource busy

I don't know too much about this but I'm guessing something is already
using com1? I only have one serial port.

I've asked on the Knoppmyth forum, too, but I know there are a lot of
geniuses on this list so I figured I'd post here too.  Anyone know how
to troubleshoot this or work around it?


- -
 Jon Hoyt
 Eugene, OR

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