[mythtv-users] Video distortion/fracturing at top quarter of screen

Alan Anderson andersonas at adelphia.net
Thu Dec 15 16:35:59 EST 2005

I found some of my issues.  I missed some of the old 0.4.0 driver files.  I 
cleaned those up and now the 0.4.1 driver loads, but the pvr-150 still locks 
up under mythfrontend.  No problems with mplayer by its self.

You can un-hang the pvr-150 by copying an older firmware file 
into /lib/firmware (or /lib/modules if 0.4.0) and do a ivtvctl --reload.  
However with the older firmware and 0.4.1 driver mythfrotnend started to play 
for a few seconds then mythfrontend reports a timeout.

So I am back to the old 0.4.0 driver and old firmware. 


The video distortion on the top portion of the screen is present under mplayer 
outside of mythtv.

I will re-install the 0.4.1 driver and latest firmware and see if mplayer 
still has the distortion, and sound drop out issues.  But mythtv does not 
appear to be compatible with v0.4.1 of ivtv driver.  At least on my 
system  :)

Alan Anderson
andersonas at adelphia.net

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