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Thanks for your input.  I had found what looks to be a plug-in for Myth called MythTivo.  I don't know much about it, and I do not hold high hopes for it.  Like you suggestion I will probably just build my Myth box as a jukebox.
Do you have you Tivo remote working with your Myth box?
Also do you mind sharing some of your hardware specs?
In addition, I am currently am using Etivo to pull shows off my DirectTivo


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Your DirecTivo will not work as a backend.  Depending on the model, you might be able to export recordings from it after extensive hacking, but there probably isn't a solution you are going to like that will work with your DirecTivo. (Full disclosure: I use a DirecTiVo for watching TV and a MythTV system for tinkering - and in the hope that it will one day work better than my DirecTivo.)

Regarding MythMusic, I'll refrain from saying anything as I have nothing nice to say.  If there are users out there who listen to a lot of music (as many hours/day as TV) and use MythMusic, I implore them to come forward and share their success stories.

MythVideo/MythDVD are a very nice little combo for watching/ripping DVD's.  From what I understand of your situation, I would recommend setting up a MythBox as a DVD player/juke while retaining the DirecTiVo for TV.  

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	I'd like to build a Myth system. However, I'm not sure if I can build just a front-end system. 


	Here are my Goals 


	- Small Quiet system 

	- DVD / Music library (Main Goal)

	       I'm tired of having my kid's man handle my DVD's and CD's 


	- Encode shows for my Pocket PC when I travel 

	- Use my Direct Tivo as my backend encoder (optional)

	- DVD Burner to save shows 

	- Replace my old stereo system with a Myth system 

	       My Direct TV Tivo sound plays through my old Dolby Pro-Logic 5.1 via a RCA connection. No sound comes out of my TV 


	- I'd also like to use my Direct TV Tivo remote 

	       It has a switch for Satellite receiver or TV


	Thanks in advance


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