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I think the point that he is trying to make is that Myth does NOT work 
with a mouse, last time I checked anyway, so the question is, what did 
you do to make that happen?



You are completely correct. MythTV has minimal mouse support currently even
with the latest SVN. At most you can select some of the buttons and dialog
boxes in the settings menus on mythfrontend. You now have the option to
unhide the pointer. But the buttons in the menus are 'not' clickable.

However, a co-worker and I have a patch working with a 7 inch Lilliput
touchscreen and MythTV. Since the UI for the plugins are separate from
mythfrontend we have to add touchscreen/mouse functionality in each of the
plugins. Once the code is cleaned up I can post a diff if anyone is
interested. At most we plan to complete mouse support for mythfrontend,
mythweather and mythmusic. If anyone wants to add any support beyond that go
right ahead. :) 

After a conversation with Isaac Richards about adding this functionality to
the current SVN it makes sense why adding support for 0.18-0.19 won't
happen. In 0.20 it's planned to use the new UI (see mythuitest in SVN) and
that will allow for a single point for all MythTV applications to use for
building their UI. We may yet do some work on 0.20 when the new UI is ready.

-Joshua Ebel
joshebel at gmail.com

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