[mythtv-users] Anybody working on Nokia 770 front end?

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Tue Dec 13 03:32:10 EST 2005

On Tuesday 13 December 2005 03:04, Kalle Pokki wrote:
> Isaac Richards wrote:
> >On Monday 12 December 2005 13:50, Mike Frisch wrote:
> >>Is anybody working on a port of the MythTV front end to a Nokia 770?
> >
> >I'm considering it.  Well, not a frontend port, but more of a smart remote
> >application.  The thing doesn't really have the CPU to display normally
> >recorded video from Myth.
> Do you plan to include scheduling recordings, browsing the EPG and stuff
> like that in the desing? Through the web browser or as a real hildon
> application?

Hadn't decided what all I'd want it to do, yet.  Most likely scheduling, 
playback file selection, control during playback, music control, etc.  Real 
app, not a web-browser, even though gtk is yucky. =)

I'm not entirely sure about spending a bunch of time on something that's going 
to be tied to a single device, though.

> I have been thinking of using the 770 as a smart remote for the mvpmc,
> as I don't have a frontend computer near the TV. It would be great if
> the scheduling functionality was done directly with myth itself. I think
> I could also find some time to contribute to this.
> The 770 is actually capable to display MPEG-4 video, as it has
> DSP-accelerated decoder for it. You just have to transcode to
> low-resolution MPEG-4 first. The device comes with a pre-installed
> trailer of the Ice Age, which looks pretty good. I wouldn't watch a
> movie through the small screen, but for previews it should be ok.
> Perhaps one could be fit a whole movie to a 512 MB memory card and watch
> it on the road.

Heh.  I think your definition of 'pretty good' is a lot different than mine.  
The trailer on the 770 is 352x208 at 15fps, with 8kbps mp3 audio.  Even so, 
it plays rather jerkily, and there's a lot of tearing during playback, and 
quite a few visible compression artifacts.  Also, that trailer is animated 
content from a good source.  Regular TV won't compress nearly as nicely.

That's in the 'completely not worth it to spend any time on it' quality range, 
for me.


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