[mythtv-users] Use of the Rerun flag?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Dec 12 20:32:22 EST 2005

Michael Freeman wrote:

> yeah...i just noticed it didn't flag an episode of american dad as a 
> rerun (it had shown on fox before, but not on adult swim)...

 From XMLTV DTD (TMS seems to use the same definition for determining 
previously shown):
<!-- When and where the programme was last shown, if known. Normally
in TV listings 'repeat' means 'previously shown on this channel', but
if you don't know what channel the old screening was on (but do know
that it happened) then you can omit the 'channel' attribute.
Similarly you can omit the 'start' attribute if you don't know when
the previous transmission was (though you can of course give just the
year, etc.).

The absence of this element does not say for certain that the
programme is brand new and has never been screened anywhere before.
<!ELEMENT previously-shown EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST previously-shown start CDATA #IMPLIED
channel CDATA #IMPLIED >
See http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/dev/166447#166447 for 
some discussion of using this (under the section responding to "> The 
specific, plausable case I gave was trying to recording first runs ").

However, I'm of the opinion that getting them into the database is a 
better approach.  I like having a list of everything I've watched 
because after a while, I can't remember (maybe I'm just much older than 
you)...  I'd even like to see an option in MythWeb to allow me to add 
programs to previously recorded without first creating a recording rule 
(i.e. for putting movies in the database).  Maybe I'll play with this 
after Chris finishes his big rewrite...


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