[mythtv-users] using bob

Marius Schrecker marius at schrecker.org
Mon Dec 12 07:50:21 EST 2005

I'd like to be able to use bob deinterlacing for live TV. I currently have
my tv (lcd) set up for 1366x768 (supports 60.0 Hz Vert.), and a 1368x768
modeline, which works very well using dvi out. I finally read the
instructions after the bob-deinterlaced signal gave horrible flickering,
and see that Vert. freq. should be 50Hz., which my tv doesn't support.

It can be driven at 1280x768 at 75Hz, and I've tried using this (as a
multiple of 25fps) but flickering is just as bad. Assuming this means that
bob ONLY works at 50 Hz for PAL, as the documentation suggests.

Failing bob, I guess I'm left with kernel deinterlacing as my best
bet.What's the relative cpu hit for this?



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