[mythtv-users] Most flexible / highest quality HD video card FE solution

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Sat Dec 10 23:43:30 EST 2005

I'm in the later stages of planning a significant upgrade to
my FE machine.  I use OTA ATSC tuners, mostly 1080i channels
(cbs,nbc).  My current FE (a P3-1400, yes a P3 can do HD) is
marginally powered and is forced to use XvMC at 720p.
This leaves a lot of motion interlacing artifacts (blocky edges)
in the video.

My TV is a CRT RP 51" Hitachi, and it will accept component
or HDMI inputs.  I currently us a NV 5600 and component converter
to drive the tv.

The new machine I'm planning should have plenty of CPU
power, probably a AMD X2 (3800-4800) so I'll be turning off
XvMC.  Probably overkill cpu-wise, but boxes in my house
have a way of migrating to other uses like desktops/game

The new MB will most likely be PCI-e.  I'd probably pick
a 6200, maybe 6600 except I see a lot of them have
digital max resolutions of 1600x1200.  Ideally, I'd like a 
card that will allow me to use the Audio Authority converter,
or the cards HDTV output, or digital DVI/HDMI outputs
for 1080i; maybe someday even 1080p (new TV?).  I'd like
the flexibility to try different output solutions to see
which I like best for quality / features.

The machine will run 95% of the time as a myth FE, and
about 3 weeks a year gaming.  I "might" even pick 2 cards,
one for TV and one for gaming if the gaming card was
too noisy or power hungry and/or the tv card too
under powered for gaming.  Fan noise is important
for myth as it will be in my living room. 

What are some of the best solutions people have found
that take all/most of these issues into account?


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