[mythtv-users] Picture in Picture

Joshua Lewis jmlewis at dslextreme.com
Sat Dec 10 15:14:25 EST 2005

I have found Nirvana and it is called MythTV.

I am setting up a dedicated back and and will set up a front end as well.

Front end will have no video capture. I just want video out audio out to
hook to the tv. I would like to use my Picture in Picture feature. I am
asuming I will need two video out/audio out cards?

I don't want any vedio in. I only want out.

Does anyone know what card should I be looking for? Do I need two video
out cards and two seperate sound cards so I can watch my picture in
Picture and switch back and
forth between them? Or are there any cards that have video and audio on
the same card.

Thank you,
Joshua Lewis

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