[mythtv-users] TiVo remote on KnoppMyth

Rick Strobel rstrobel at infotime.com
Sat Dec 10 10:14:55 EST 2005

I've been trying really really hard to get a TiVo remote working with MythTV
- so hard in fact that Google has blocked my IP address because they think
I'm launching a DOS attack! 

What I've done so far: 

Installed R5A16 successfully 
Played a test video that I downloaded 
Used an ATI Remote Wonder that came with an old 9700 AIW card 
Bought and hooked up a homebrew IR receiver to my serial port (from
Read countless threads on mysettopbox.tv and other sites looking for
information on this that would apply to me. 
Renamed the TIVO file to lircd.conf in /etc/lirc 
Ran lirc-reconfig.sh (not sure I answered the questions correctly) 

What I don't understand: 

Does LIRC run automatically on a standard install? 
- if I type lircd from a prompt it appears to start, if I do it again I get
an error that it's already running 

Do I have to recompile LIRC for the TiVo remote to work? I was hoping not,
but I think I read that somewhere along the way. I saw a page on the wiki
about doing this but it looks pretty daunting and hard to follow. 

How can I tell if my serial port is working and do some basic tests of this

A whole bunch of things... I'm a computer pro with 20 years experience but a
Linux n00b. I've got a pretty good understanding of Linux conceptually but
have never compiled any programs with it or done much more than some
superficial things. 

I've probably spent 5 hours trying to figure this out on my own using the
mantra "Google is your friend", but am still coming up short. Thanks in
advance for any help!

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