[mythtv-users] LiveTV isn't flexible enough about its inputs

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Sat Dec 10 05:09:05 EST 2005

In 0.18.1:

[Is this fixed in SVN, given its complete rearchitecture of how
LiveTV works?  I'm not running SVN, so I can't easily check.]

I've got a PVR-350 on an SBE/FE, and some PVR-250's on the MBE.
One of the 250's has a composite input hooked to a cable box;
all of the x50's have the same RF signal going to them as well.
I defined the 350 on the SBE last, precisely so that its input
would have lowest priority.

If I use LiveTV on an RF channel, the 350's RF input is selected and
all is well.  But if I try for a channel going to the 250's composite
input, LiveTV just gives me a blank screen, with no explanation of
what's going on.  Meanwhile, my backend logs this:

2005-12-09 19:25:43.794 Failed to find channel(201) on current input (Tuner 0) of card (6).
2005-12-09 19:25:43.795 Failed to find channel(201) on any input of card (6).
2005-12-09 19:25:43.795 1       0

Well, duh, sure, that card doesn't -have- anything attached to its
composite input.  I expected that LiveTV would have picked a card
that -does- have that channel and streamed video from it, crossing
a network boundary if necessary (e.g., if the FE wasn't on the same
machine that had the relevant card, which in this case it ain't).

I -do- have "avoid conflicts with recordings" checked, and I'm
reluctant to uncheck it since I'd rather that LiveTV not step on
a recording.  (Though if -all- that button does is to change the
priority of which card gets used for what, it's not doing what I'd
expect---what I'd -want- it to do is to say, "If all tuners are
currently in use for recording and you want LiveTV, warn me so I
don't ruin a recording" and likewise "grab LiveTV away from me if
you need all tuners for recording while I'm watching live", but I
haven't (yet) tested this thoroughly to see which way it works.)
Would unchecking that option allow LiveTV to grab the appropriate
input from any card, or is this just an architectural limitation
of how 0.18.1's LiveTV is supposed to work?  (And does SVN overcome
this limitation?)


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