[mythtv-users] Use of the Rerun flag?

Deyan Bektchiev mythtv at bektchiev.net
Fri Dec 9 21:54:27 EST 2005

This is already in Myth and I spent sometime looking for it (even 
created a couple of custom rules to do this) but it's available in the 
Scheduling options -> Record new episodes only (The other options on 
that menu are related to matching duplicates).


Michael Freeman wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone had a trick to exclude reruns (and, no,
> manually telling mythtv to never record a certain episode again isn't
> what I'm looking for...too many episodes of too many shows).
> I really don't want to record reruns or have to manually check what's
> airing in my various recording timeslots...sometimes they show reruns
> there and sometimes they don't.
> This ought to be considered...the XMLTV feed has a rerun flag (the
> listings say when something is a rerun)...so why isn't there an option
> to "Record only new episodes of this show"?
> One really annoying example is Stargate...with SciFi's multimonth
> break in the middle of the season, I can end up wasting a lot of
> diskspace on episodes I already have archived elsewhere.
> (Disclaimer: if someone has a source of mythbackend documentation,
> I'll take a shot at making a patch that does this myself)

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