[mythtv-users] Use of the Rerun flag?

Michael Freeman mythtv at mlfreeman.org
Fri Dec 9 21:44:00 EST 2005

I was wondering if anyone had a trick to exclude reruns (and, no,
manually telling mythtv to never record a certain episode again isn't
what I'm looking for...too many episodes of too many shows).

I really don't want to record reruns or have to manually check what's
airing in my various recording timeslots...sometimes they show reruns
there and sometimes they don't.

This ought to be considered...the XMLTV feed has a rerun flag (the
listings say when something is a rerun)...so why isn't there an option
to "Record only new episodes of this show"?

One really annoying example is Stargate...with SciFi's multimonth
break in the middle of the season, I can end up wasting a lot of
diskspace on episodes I already have archived elsewhere.

(Disclaimer: if someone has a source of mythbackend documentation,
I'll take a shot at making a patch that does this myself)

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