[mythtv-users] Re: Strange MythBackend troubles

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Fri Dec 9 20:14:46 EST 2005

    Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 16:58:53 -0800
    From: Jeff Clemens <teedub303 at gmail.com>

    I think I figured out the remote system problem.  I wasn't aware that you
    don't need to run a database on the remote system.  Once I turned that off,
    and re set everything up between the master and slave boxes, the delete
    problem, and the inability to jump forward and back cleared up.

So in other words, mysql is no longer running on your slave backend
at all?  (My SBE [which is also my FE] has mysql still running; it
hadn't occurred to me that this is a problem, and in fact I thought
that certain SBE/FE settings were stored locally.  Where -is- this
info stored?  Should I disable mysql on my SBE/FE, too?  I should
point out that I have no problems deleting things...)

    Now, I have a different problem, though.  The tuner on the slave backend
    shows as 'not available' in system status.

    Any ideas there?  both master and slave backends are running.  nothing is
    recording, it's just 'not available'

If I boot my MBE, my SBE/FE always claims that its tuner is
"not available" unless I boot the SBE.  I bug-reported this
dependency a few weeks ago on this list but it generated no
response (except, "well, just restart mythbackend on the SBE"
instead of any idea of whether this was even viewed as a bug
at all).  This means I have to be careful to boot my SBE only
after my MBE is actually up, which complicates recovery from
power failures (of which I just had one today, actually), and
especially unattended recovery.

[And after booting the MBE without rebooting the SBE, certain UI
operations work, but some complain that the backend has gone away;
if I just "okay" that popup and continue, the SBE/FE recovers and
notices that the MBE is there.  But the SBE's tuner is permanently
unavailable unless the SBE is restarted.]

So have you tried rebooting your SBE and/or restarting mythfrontend?
Does this help?

P.S.  This is all in 0.18.1, not SVN.

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