[mythtv-users] how many concurrent recordings possible? in HD?

mrwester mrwester at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 14:22:36 EST 2005

My mythtv system has 1xPVR-350, 1xPVR-500 using ivtv 0.4, and a newly added
DViCO FusionHDTV 5 Lite using DVB drivers.   1x200GB seagate+1x300GB seagate
HD LVM with XFS for /video and 1x40GB seagate for FC4 OS. I have DMA
enabled. DVI out via fx5200 at 1280x768.  Chaintech nforce2 mobo, AMD2900
with 1gb ram.  All 4 tuners can capture on their own with no problems.  I
can capture with all 3 Hauppauge tuners at the same time no problems.
Trying to capture HDTV while capturing with the Hauppuge cards results in
normal analog recordings but the digital recording has dropouts and
scrambled bars across it.  I need to double check if capturing digital NTSC
with the DViCO card also has the dropouts when one or more PVR cards are in

I'm new to the HDTV part of mythtv and looking for feedback to tell me if
what I'm trying to do is realistic or not.   And if it is realistic, where
should I look to troubleshoot.  Thanks for any insight.

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