[mythtv-users] Myth/Debian distribution

Mike Robinson mike at robinsonhome.org
Fri Dec 9 06:18:00 EST 2005

Steve Adeff wrote:
> On Thursday 08 December 2005 20:53, Mike Robinson wrote:
>>I was considering using Debian (or Ubuntu) for my new Myth box, but then
>>I saw that the distribution isn't being supported anymore:
>>Does this mean that I'm SOL for Myth on a Debian distribution?  Would it
>>be much more difficult to use the source straight from the MythTv.org
>>site?  All of the guides I've found for Myth/Debian use the above
>>Thanks for the advice.
> Build from source. its easy once you have the required deb's installed. I've 
> got Myth running on all three of my Debian systems.
> I'd also suggest against Ubuntu, stick with real Debian. Kanotix is a good 
> Live! distro that can be easily HD installed, or KnopMyth is good as well and 
> has a great forum for support and is specific for running MythTV.

Why do you recommend agains Ubuntu?  I was actually going to attempt it 
tonight...now I'm concerned!

Another factor to throw into the mix, my system has an AMD64.  Does that 
change things if I want to run an AMD64 distribution?

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