[mythtv-users] Modeline headaches with Radeon 9200SE

Bean bean at tafkab.org
Fri Dec 9 03:19:01 EST 2005

Having tried for the past couple of weeks to get it right, I thought I had best ask for help before I throw a brick at the TV.
I am currently outputing through SVHS (VGA to Scart cable will get soldered up over Christmas) from a Radeon 9200SE to a Toshiba 28" widescreen 100hz capable CRT TV.

The only resolution I can seem to get is 1024x768 no matter what modelines I try.
I can get the screen limited to 720x576 (or anything else) through the "Virtual" sizing, but the actual resolution is still the 1024x768 so I get masses of overscan...

Anyone have any ideas?

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