Anthony Vito anthony.vito at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 16:41:00 EST 2005

> Be aware when speaking in Mbps, this is also used for advertisements, is that it contains
> the overhead within it.

Oh it's much worse (philsophically) then that. Yes, it contains the
overhead, but then even with that it would still give great data
rates. The problem is bigger then that. Transmission over the air just
isn't that reliable at WiFi's power ratings, top that with the
insanely crowded 2.4Ghz spectrum, and you have real issues. You'd
think that would be obvious, apparently not, since Netgear got sued,
because they didn't print that clear enough on their devices.

Before 802.11g routers even came out, I got a little forward thinking
going and bought all 802.11a equipment for my wireless network. At
5Ghz it shouldn't (in theory) go through walls quite as well, but in
my real world experience it has always outperformed 802.11g in that
aspect, and all others. I suspect because of the relatively quite 5ghz
spectrum. I bought all Netgear equipment, and in their "Turbo Mode" I
can get a _real_ throughput of 40-50Mbps through a single (normal
house) wall.

Here's to watching MythTV recordings over WiFi-802.11a since 2002!!!!

Anthony Vito
anthony.vito at gmail.com

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