[mythtv-users] [may be OT] Linksys NSLU2 for streaming videos (SD and HD) ?

Mudit Wahal mwahal at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 14:55:11 EST 2005

Well, I was hedging my bet. I also posted it in avsforum too :-)
Finally got a reply from someone in avsforum who is running
overclocked slug  with wizd and streaming HD (high definition)
contents to his Snazio HD dvd player.

I saw your USB ATSC tuner post earlier. I'm currently running HD3000
and DVICO Fusion HDTV 5 Lite in my box. My main goal is to offload the
recorded programs (after they are commercial_cut and transcoded to
mpeg4) from the mythbox to the slug. There I'll run wizd and stream it
to IOData LinkPlayer2 (LP2). I don't know if slug will be able to run
complete mythbackend. It may be too big for its tiny 64mb sdram
(unless you fatten it). Presently, I run wizd on my linux box to
stream the contents to the LP2.

With slug in picture, I can store all my programs on multiple external
hard drives and let the slug become the uPnP media server. Hopefully,
will save some wear/tear/electricity on the mythbox.

Now I need to buy a slug and an external hard drive.

On 12/8/05, Alan Hagge <ahagge at wbfa.com> wrote:
> Mudit Wahal wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >Has anyone successfully used NSLU2 stream recordings off the external
> >USB 2.0 hard drive ?
> >I'm thinking to use NSLU2 as nfs mounted external storage device to
> >keep my recordings. Then just use softlinks from machines to stream
> >the SD and HD contents.
> >
> >I'll be installing OpenSlug or UnSlung on it.
> >
> >I'm more worried that if it has enough horse power and memory to run a
> >mini http server, some perl cgi and also stream video at a sustained
> >rate of atleast 20-25Mbps at the same time. I'm willing to overclock
> >it to 266mhz (nail clipper method seems good).
> >
> >
> I noticed you'd posted a similar question on the NSLU2-Linux Yahoo
> groups; hopefully you'll get an answer there, if not here.  I too am
> interested in using a slug, but I want to take it even further, to try
> to use the slug as a mythbackend (using a USB 2.0-based ATSC tuner) to
> have it record directly to an attached external USB 2.0 disk.  I'd asked
> about USB-based ATSC tuners on this list a couple of weeks ago, but
> apparently nobody's working with them yet.  So I suspect I'm about a
> year premature.  But I can hope.
>  From what I've been reading, de-underclocking the CPU to 266MHz is
> definitely a good idea.  I think the biggest issue (for me, anyway) is
> the  lack of RAM in the box 32 MB isn't much, and my soldering skills
> definitely aren't up to adding piggyback RAM.  Too bad Linksys hasn't
> noticed the community support for this unit and made a more expensive
> unit that adds extra RAM and maybe gig-e and/or 802.11g wireless, just
> for the hacker community.
> Good luck & keep us  informed on your progress.  I'm hoping Santa has a
> slug in his bag for me...   ;-)
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