[mythtv-users] [may be OT] Linksys NSLU2 for streaming videos (SD and HD) ?

Alan Hagge ahagge at wbfa.com
Thu Dec 8 14:35:42 EST 2005

Mudit Wahal wrote:

>Has anyone successfully used NSLU2 stream recordings off the external
>USB 2.0 hard drive ?
>I'm thinking to use NSLU2 as nfs mounted external storage device to
>keep my recordings. Then just use softlinks from machines to stream
>the SD and HD contents.
>I'll be installing OpenSlug or UnSlung on it.
>I'm more worried that if it has enough horse power and memory to run a
>mini http server, some perl cgi and also stream video at a sustained
>rate of atleast 20-25Mbps at the same time. I'm willing to overclock
>it to 266mhz (nail clipper method seems good).
I noticed you'd posted a similar question on the NSLU2-Linux Yahoo 
groups; hopefully you'll get an answer there, if not here.  I too am 
interested in using a slug, but I want to take it even further, to try 
to use the slug as a mythbackend (using a USB 2.0-based ATSC tuner) to 
have it record directly to an attached external USB 2.0 disk.  I'd asked 
about USB-based ATSC tuners on this list a couple of weeks ago, but 
apparently nobody's working with them yet.  So I suspect I'm about a 
year premature.  But I can hope.

 From what I've been reading, de-underclocking the CPU to 266MHz is 
definitely a good idea.  I think the biggest issue (for me, anyway) is 
the  lack of RAM in the box 32 MB isn't much, and my soldering skills 
definitely aren't up to adding piggyback RAM.  Too bad Linksys hasn't 
noticed the community support for this unit and made a more expensive 
unit that adds extra RAM and maybe gig-e and/or 802.11g wireless, just 
for the hacker community.

Good luck & keep us  informed on your progress.  I'm hoping Santa has a 
slug in his bag for me...   ;-)

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