[mythtv-users] HDTV questions

mythtv-users at fastdruid.co.uk mythtv-users at fastdruid.co.uk
Thu Dec 8 13:19:41 EST 2005

Well seeing as HDTV looks to be coming to the UK next year
( http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/12/01/telewest_goes_live_with_hdtv/ ) and 
we're looking at buying a new HDTV 'ready' TV[1] (1080i) I'm planning to get 
HDTV playback set up on my myth box. Only problem is I don't know where to 

I'm currently running a P4 2.8GHz with 1Gb, twin Nova-T's and a 128Mb AGP 
Nvidia MX440 with the TV out of composite (AV) at 1024x768 and running SuSE 
10.0/mythtv 18.1 Disk space is er plenty (2TB+ if need be)

I've got a few questions that some of our US cousins might be able to help me 
with :-)

1) How is HDTV connected? Looking at the specs for the TV we're thinking of 
there's Composite (AV), Y/C (S-Video), ANT (RF), Component (Y/Pb/Pr) and 
SCART (which you don't have in the US). 
What type is used for HDTV (or doesn't it matter)?
2) Will the MX440 be powerful enough or will I need a newer card?
3) Am I likely to need more processing power (I've got a 3GHz P4 in another 
box I could swap over if need be but would I need more than that).
4) Are my existing recordings going to look awful (PAL 768x576).
5) Am I just wasting my time? Seeing as the recordings (for probably at 
_least_ 8 months until HDTV actually gets here) would still be in SDTV would 
I even notice any difference?

I'm assuming that HDTV recording is going to need a HDTV compatible tuner card 
and even assuming they put HDTV out on the freeview channels the Nova-T's 
just won't cut it but I'm hoping the new box would have a firewire out or by 
that time there would be a UK HDTV card. 



[1] One of these 

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