[mythtv-users] MythPhone compatibility

David Rudder drig at noses.org
Thu Dec 8 12:56:49 EST 2005

MythPhone is based on SIP, which is a standard for VoIP.  It appears to 
use the G711 codec for audio, which is totally standard and should be 
supported by pretty much every SIP compatible voip phone out there.  I 
*think* the video codec is H263, which is also pretty standard.

There's a Java project called Sip-Communicator.  It's a software VoIP 
phone.  It does video and audio.  I've used it for debugging on my 
application, which uses voice only, but the mailing lists report good 
success w/ video.  You might want to download it, install it on a spare 
machine, and see if you can get  a good connection. 

I'm pretty sure, but not being a windows guy I can't be certain, that 
NetMeeting uses a different protocol which SIP is not compatible with.  
You'll have to find other software.  Sip-Communicator is a bear to 
setup, but easy to use once configured, and might not be a terrible option.


Ben Dash wrote:

>I'm trying to set up Video Conferencing from the US
>with my family back in the UK and I'm trying to find
>out how much success others have had with using
>MythPhone to do video chat with people who use MS
>My family haven't even bought their webcam yet, and I
>was pushing them to a Logitec QuickCam Pro 4000, since
>that's what I was planning on using on my xBox
>mythfrontend since it has a microphone built in.  So
>they're open to use whatever software works on Win98,
>although they'll probably switch to Linux or OSX soon
>since their patience is rapidly running out with MS
>due to viruses, spyware, etc.
>Please let me know you thoughts and experiences.
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