[mythtv-users] nVidia 8174 and HDTV

Keith C mythtv at keithandjill.com
Thu Dec 8 09:14:09 EST 2005

On Dec 8, 2005, at 5:50 AM, Cory Papenfuss wrote:

>>> 	So the nvidia drivers continue to get more broken the more they  
>>> release?  Sounds encouraging.  You may want to try some of the  
>>> "noedid" options.
>> I pounded on them for an hour or so with various options, but as  
>> long as it thought it was doing TV out, it wouldn't allow any  
>> modes larger than old school composite, but it wouldn't allow  
>> composite sizes on an HD720p TV out. So it backed itself into a  
>> corner and died.
> 	How does it think it's doing tvout for HDTV?  Are you using DVI?  
> What do you mean by "composite sizes?"  The only part of composite  
> that's standard is the 480 vertical (and interlaced)... the  
> horizontal is "standard" at 352, 480, 640, 704, 720, etc.  In  
> reality it's not defined digitally... just analog.
> 	That's yet another reason I like analog/component.  Generate a  
> video signal, display a signal.  No smarts to get confused and get  
> in your way.

I used VGA to component with an Audio Authority for a year and did  
like the quality.

However, my current setup is using a GeForce 6200 with a bundled  
component out adapter.  To get the nvidia drivers to output an HD  
signal over the component output, you put this into the device  
section xorg.conf :

         Option      "TVStandard" "HD720p"
         Option      "ConnectedMonitor" "TV"

And put a 720p modeline into the screen section, and you've got 720p  
output.  I think its superior to the Audio Authority.

However, with the 8174 driver, if you put HD720p as the TVStandard,  
it will not accept any screen modes at all, causing x not to launch.   
So thats the problem.  Works great with 7676.


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