[mythtv-users] Channel number assignment by mythbackend

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 8 00:53:25 EST 2005

Mitko Haralanov wrote:

>On Wed, 07 Dec 05 17:23:04 -0500
>"R. Geoffrey Newbury" <newbury at mandamus.org> wrote:
>>I was under the impression that the numbers etc returned by atscscan (the
>>[01af] or [000a] at the beginning of the line, were the "names" given by
>>the broadcaster (that is, the scan parses them out of the stream as it
>>does for the video and audio id's. And the channel numbers might actually
>>be that high if this was a cable scan. As far as i can tell the channel
>>*numbers* in a cable broadcast need bear no relationship to the normal
>>"channel and frequency increasing together" structure we are used to. I
>>have been doing cable scans and finding lots of audio-only QAM streams.
>>And the zap2it guide shows these with numbers into the 700's!
>I would understand if atscscan was showing channel "names" of the form
>[xxxx], but they are mostly the actual ASCII-character channel names
>(like KTVU-DT and such).
>The other piece of information is that I am using an antenna for OTA
>scan and not QAM.
>It is a real pain because, mythfilldatabase can't find any data for the
>channel numbers that mythtv-setup found.
It looks like you are in the SF area.. Me too.
The channel scan in mythtv-setup gives the channel numbers but doesn't 
separate the subchannel. So, 21 is actually 2-1, 22 is 2-2.
I had to go in and edit my channels so that they would be presented like 

I talked about this and an update to my venture this week at:

This might help.


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