[mythtv-users] Building a Basic MythTV box

Kichigai Mentat kichigai at comcast.net
Wed Dec 7 23:15:35 EST 2005

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Hello. I'm looking into making a basic MythTV box for now (with every  
intent of building a better one later when I have more money, so  
we're talking about minimal cash right now) out of an AMD Athlon 850  
MHz and 256 MB RAM. I'm planning to use this only as a back end, and  
using my XBox as a front-end.

The machine has a 10 GB hard disk, and I'm planning on using  
KnoppMyth. I have a hard disk with either 8 or 10 GB (not sure right  
now) capacity. Is it possible to configure MythTV to use one hard  
disk for all the software and the live TV cache, and the other hard  
disk as a location for recording television shows?

I also read in the MythTV documentation that hard disk usage is...
"700 megabytes/hour for MPEG-4, 2 GB/hour for MPEG-2 and RTjpeg and 7  
GB/hour for ATSC HDTV."
Are all these numbers for maximum quality? Is it possible to modify  
the bitrate for MPEG-4 and RTjpeg?

Also, do the MythTV Front end and the back end need to be on the same  
subnet? I'm thinking I may need to use an old laptop as a wired- 
wireless bridge for the XBox.

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