[mythtv-users] XBox Media Center Question

Mlists mlists at dressler.ca
Wed Dec 7 19:58:35 EST 2005

> The XBMC Python scripts for MythTV use MySQL to interrogate the database 
> about recording names, channel IDs etc (so you see a pretty name for 
> your recorded shows rather than just the bare filename).  The protocol 
> information (AFAIK) is only used to determine that it's really a Mythtv 
> backend it's connecting to, and that it's there.  As it relies on an SMB 
> share to access the files, you can safely assume it's not talking to the 
> backend the same way a genuine mythtv frontend would ;-)
> The rest of what the scripts do is basically talking to the XBMC API 
> (what there is of it) and telling it what files to play.
> As for XBMC & Mythtv becoming integrated, even to a small extent - I 
> think maybe hell will freeze over first, seen as XBMC needs to be 
> compiled using 'borrowed' Microsoft development tools.  That said, work 
> has been going on for a considerable amount of time, on a _true_ open 
> source development kit.  How work on that will continue to progress now 
> attention has shifted towards the Xbox360, is anybody's guess.
> Regards,
> Justin

I think I have a bigger issue with my XBMC install.  I can't seem to
play any video mpeg with mplayer.  It locks up.  It's possible that the
build of XBMC that I got isn't the best.  Anyone have suggestions on a
place to get the binary downloads?  Email me if you don't want to post
to the group.

I also have the python scripts installed for Myth.  My cards/myth don't
create .nuv files, they create .mpg files.  I assume these are mpeg4 or
am I wrong on this?  Mplayer should be able to play these shouldn't


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