[mythtv-users] nVidia 8174 and HDTV

Keith C mythtv at keithandjill.com
Wed Dec 7 17:39:37 EST 2005

On Dec 7, 2005, at 3:41 PM, Cory Papenfuss wrote:

>> Just a note for anyone crazy enough to try 8174 this soon : It  
>> does not appear to support native HD output.  Myself and several  
>> others with component outputs (mine are on a 6200) can no get any  
>> HD modes to work - they are all reported as Not valid TV modes.
>> So, stick with 7676 if you use a component output adapter.
> 	So the nvidia drivers continue to get more broken the more they  
> release?  Sounds encouraging.  You may want to try some of the  
> "noedid" options.

I pounded on them for an hour or so with various options, but as long  
as it thought it was doing TV out, it wouldn't allow any modes larger  
than old school composite, but it wouldn't allow composite sizes on  
an HD720p TV out.  So it backed itself into a corner and died.

> 	The Xv/interlace bug really has me pissed.  It's allegedly still  
> not fixed in this release?

No idea.

Keith C

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