[mythtv-users] Slave times out connecting to master

Cecil Watson cwatson at linkline.com
Wed Dec 7 12:07:21 EST 2005

Nick wrote:
> On 05/12/05, Cecil Watson <cwatson at linkline.com> wrote:
>>I've ran into an anomalous issue reorganizing my home entertainment
>>system this weekend.  I have a master and a slave backend.
>>Unfortunately, my slave cannot connect to the master.  I get a string of:
>>2005-12-04 17:39:48.266 Connecting to master server: :6543
>>2005-12-04 17:39:49.081 Connection to master server timed out.
>>in my backend log.  Notice it does not have it IP of my master in the
>>above.  The master is configured correctly, I can view records on the
>>slave from the master.  I can even use the tuners on the slave to watch
>>live tv on the slave.  However, the tuners are listed as not connected
>>on the master.  I'm using SVN 8101 currently.  I also tried SVN 8045
>>which I had running previously.  I don't think it is an SVN issue,
>>rather I'm lost in the forest and now cannot see the trees.  Any
> Some ideas:
> On the slave machine search for all files named 'mysql.txt' in .mythtv
> directories and check whether any are missing the correct information
> for the mythconverg database. You need to check you are connecting to
> the master backend's database and not running a second copy of the
> database on the slave.
> In the database (or running mythtvsetup on the slave) check to ensure
> the value for the setting 'BackendServerIP' is set to the correct IP
> address for the slave (and that the hostname value is valid) and also
> that the MasterServerIP is pointing to the main backend IP (hostname
> for this should be NULL).
> Lastly, I would try pinging the master backend from the slave to
> ensure outbound connections are working and that there are no
> firewall-type issues.
> Nick

Thanks for the response Nick.  All the above was checked multiple times.
 I drop the database and started from scratch.  It is now working.


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