[mythtv-users] Hard disk access

CHRIS KOTTING ckotting at wideopenwest.com
Wed Dec 7 08:00:29 EST 2005

I think I just had an "AHA!" moment.  I've been wondering why my MythBox 
(combined frontend/backend) keeps accessing the hard drive.  

Is it the database being queried for jobs?

Chris K.

"Chris Pinkham" said, in part...

> The default check frequency is 60 seconds, but it goes down to 10 or 
> up to 300 seconds in 5-second increments.  I don't think 10 seconds is 
> too long to wait for a queue run, but don't see harm in setting this 
> as low as 5 seconds.  Going all the way to 1 could cause problems for 
> some people though for a couple reasons.  The constant database hits 
> querying for new jobs and the added system load from firing off 5-10 
> jobs at 1-second intervals could cause hickups in recording so I didn't 
> want to go that low.  I also didn't want to fire off multiple jobs in 
> the same cycle because that would have the same effect.

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