[mythtv-users] Changing "watch recordings" groups

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Dec 6 11:04:15 EST 2005

James Grant wrote:

>Hey there, I have a question about the "watch recordings" screen.  I really 
>like how it creates program groups based on the show title, then shows each 
>episode inside the the list for the group....
>what I don't like, is how every movie that i record gets its own program group 
>created, with  (obviously) only one "episode" inside the group.  What I was 
>wondering is, if there was a special way to continue grouping by show title 
>for everything except movies, and have all movies go into a "special" group, 
>called "Movies".  I'd be happy moving them manually after recording is done, 
>or automatically would be even better!
>Alias ->	Fait Accompli
>		Out of the Box
>Lost -> 	What Kate Did
>		The Other 48 Days
>		Collision
>		Abandoned
>		Orientation
>		Adrift
>Movies ->Assassins
>		The Mummy
>		Mortal Kombat
>		Multiplicity
>		etc.
>Is this possible?
Sort of.  You can put all your Movies into a recording group called 
"Movies" and set your default Watch Recording screen to show both Titles 
and Recording groups but this will not remove the titles for shows that 
are in the recording group.  It will give you a new title called 
"Movies" that will list all the movies. 


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