[mythtv-users] Problems transcoding

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Tue Dec 6 17:44:11 EST 2005

In 1.18.1:

I'm having problems transcoding.  I've got an MBE/SBE setup with
several 250's in the BE and one 350 in the SBE/FE.  Commflagging
is set to begin immediately upon episode start.  I've been trying
to see how I like MPEG4 transcoding from the MPEG2 being produced
by the 250's, but I can't seem to get the transcoder to run at all.

I changed the Default recording group to "automatically transcode
after recording", changed it to 720x480 from the default 480x480,
and left everything else alone (including "MPEG-2 PS"; what are the
definitions of the various types in this field, and which should I be

If I schedule a recording, it -appears- (from the mythweb status page)
that transcoding starts -immediately-, e.g., even before commflagging
is finished, even though I don't have "transcode before commflagging"

The status page also says "Errored" about the transcoding job, but I
can't figure out where any of this might really be logged (not in
mythweb, and not in any logs I can find), so I can't debug -why- it's

Also, according to mythweb, the transcoder ran on the SBE, even though
the commflagger ran on the MBE.  This is okayh with me (especially
since I can't seem to get the commflagging to loadbalance; that'll be
my next mesage), but only if the transcoder actually -works-.  But is
the transcoder running on the SBE somehow contributing to the problem?
(Note that the SBE and MBE share the same recordings directory via NFS.)

[FWIW, I also have the button checked to preserve the original
recordings after transcoding, since I'd like to A/B compare them.]

I then tried going to the Transcoder->From MPEG2 menu item, changed
its resolution, and left everything else alone.  (It looks like
various checkboxes for things like interlacing & so forth should
probably get set, but I haven't touched them for the moment until I
can see -anything- from transcoding.)  It didn't change the behavior.
Again, which of these am I -supposed- to be setting---the one in the
various recording profiles, or the ones in the Transcoders group?  The
doc on this is -very- thin on the ground, and it's totally obscured by
zillions of random google hits about transcoding that aren't helping.


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