[mythtv-users] Is common Interface supposed to work?

Wim Fokkens wimfokkens at planet.nl
Wed Dec 21 16:31:50 EST 2005

Ok done that


I got a log file where I can see MythTV making cals to the CAM. I was
getting answers like please insert your smart card.


I tried sorts of cam's and I the only seca 2 compatible cam that worked for
the KNC1 sat card was the Aston 1.07 (Aston 1.05, Matrix revolitions,
Mediaguard did not work) After this I replaced the KNC sat card for a
technotrend Budget S and all cam's are working now.


Thanks for the help





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You could try running myhtbackend with:

mythbackend -v siparser > /var/log/mythbackendsi.txt for a while and 
then take a look at that text file.
Since I am a absolute Linux newbie could you explain this to me like you
would explain it to a 5 year old. So to what terminal do I have to go, do I
have to be logged in as root? And how do I stop the backend, before 
restarting it with these parameters.

You can go to any terminal window.
Switch to root with the command:

  su -

As root you can terminate most running processes. You can see that your are
running as root, by the prompt changing from $ (non-root) to # (root). 
Kill the running mythbackend with:

  killall mythbackend

Then run Johans command:

  mythbackend -v siparser > /var/log/mythbackendsi.txt

>From a second terminal window you can open the log file with any editor of
your choice. If you are not familiar with any, then nano and pico are good
choices, because they have a small onscreen help menus. If you are familiar
with WordStar, then joe is a good choice. So f.ex:

  nano /var/log/mythbackendsi.txt

Niels Dybdahl


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