[mythtv-users] New widescreen theme coming soon (a little OT)

Justin Hornsby justin.hornsby2 at ntlworld.com
Tue Dec 6 16:33:56 EST 2005

Jesse Guardiani wrote:

> I totally dig the images, like the red speaker and the brighter camera. 
> Are those
> in the latest versions of the non-wide theme?
> And BTW, how do these wide themes work? Do you have to have a widescreen
> TV to use them? How are they enabled?
> Thanks!

Jesse, the new watermarks aren't (yet) in the 4:3 theme.  You can easily 
add them yourself when I release the wide one ;-)  Tip: they use the 
same filenames.

I'd strongly advise that you don't use a widescreen theme on a 4:3 
screen - the text area placement & all kinds of things go wrong when you 
scale that much.  Wide is based on 1280x720, whereas 4:3 themes are 
based on 800x600.

I've thought of doing a half-way house for people like me who have wide 
TVs but are using a 4:3 screen resolution - i.e. make amorphic images 
where you really notice them being stretched.  What does everyone else 


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