[mythtv-users] PVR-250 and DCT2200

Mark J. Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Tue Dec 6 09:27:50 EST 2005

> You'll need an IR blaster to change channels, and a lot of patience.
> I have a low success rate with my IR blaster and my DCT2100.  It's not that
> the IR blaster is so bad, but that the DCT box is very slow, and sometimes
> misses remote button presses.

I finally have things tweaked so that I barely miss any button presses any 
more with my setup.  I found that the most important thing was to use sudo 
and nice to make the change channel script top priority.  That way their is 
not too much delay between digits being sent to the box.

I found in my logs that on the failed channel changes, their was often a 5 
second delay between the first and second digits, thus the first digit was 

I would try to change to channel 26 to watch Gundam Seed,  but the 2 would be 
lost and I would be stuck with half an hour of Leno on 6.  

In mythtv-setup my change channel script is call thus:

sudo nice -n 15 /usr/local/tunetv2

where tunetv2 is my customized change channel script that uses the correct ir 
blaster (I have 2).

Give this a try, it may work for you as well.


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