[mythtv-users] Various mythtv-frontend problems

Wade Maxfield mythtv at hotblack.co.nz
Tue Dec 6 00:32:57 EST 2005

>In response to Druid and Wade,
>Still getting the Seg Fault:
>[mythtv at localhost ~]$ mythfrontend
>2005-12-05 19:56:46.801 New DB connection, total: 1
>Total desktop width=720, height=480, numscreens=1
>2005-12-05 19:56:46.808 Using screen 0, 720x480 at 0,0
>2005-12-05 19:56:46.810 mythfrontend version:
> www.mythtv.org
>2005-12-05 19:56:46.811 Enabled verbose msgs :
>important general
>2005-12-05 19:56:47.076 Switching to square mode
>2005-12-05 19:56:47.302 New DB connection, total: 2
>2005-12-05 19:56:47.303 Joystick disabled.
>2005-12-05 19:56:47.318 Registering Internal as a
>media playback plugin.
>2005-12-05 19:56:47.325 Inserting MythDVD initial
>database information.
>Segmentation fault
>[mythtv at localhost ~]$
>Now I'll try removing plugins until it works, but this
>leads me to two more questions:
>1) Is there an error log for the frontend that will
>help me narrow down the plugin that is the cause of
>the segfault?

Looking at the messages above I'd say it's MythDVD causing your 
problem.  Try doing a "yum remove MythDVD" then launching 
mythfrontend  If your system is like mine, then you will not be 
getting a SegFault just after the "Inserting MythDVD initial database 
information." message.

You will however be getting a SegFault just after MythMusic or 
MythGallery message instead.

I just repeated the process, removing each plugin (MythDVD, 
MythMusic, MythGallery, MythPhone in my case) until mythfrontend 
launched successfully.  Then you can try adding the plugins back in 
one by one, in the same order you removed them, and see if you get a 
SegFault again (I did). So I left them disabled.

I haven't dug too deeply into this as I don't think I need to get 
these plugins working for what I want, and I have no idea where/how 
to look.  Linux is all foreign to me (MythTV is my first foray into 

But if anyone else has any ideas of things to try I'm all ears.

- Wade

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