[mythtv-users] Bottom half of video blips

M Smith quaff at clippersoft.net
Sun Dec 4 22:20:39 EST 2005

Using Gentoo and MythTV SVN both updated in October '05 with a PVR250 
and standard analog Comast Cable.

OK - I don't know the best way to describe this, but recently (within 
the past month) I am getting a 'random jump / skip / blip / pixelation 
/blur / whatever you want to call it' on the bottom half of the screen 
of my recordings.  It lasts less than a second and is only a visual 
annoyance (you don't really miss anything) and doesn't mess up the 
sound.  It occurs on all stations from what I can tell.  I don't watch a 
lot of live tv, but I haven't seen it so far through that.

I can't figure out what could be causing this.  I hadn't made any 
updates since this started occuring (at least that I can recall, unless 
this had been occuring since the update and my memory is shoddy).

Any ideas?  Thanks...

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