[mythtv-users] Dish Network and MythTV

Matthew Schumacher schu at schu.net
Sun Dec 4 22:09:19 EST 2005

Mark wrote:
> Robert La Ferla wrote:
>> But DirecTV doesn't offer TV Japan and the quality of Comcast Digital
>> cable (last time I used it) was terrible so that's why I need and want
>> Dish Network.
> Dish uses Nagra2 encryption now, and nobody anywhere has broken that, so
> any thought of using a DVB card is out the door. You will be using a
> normal reciever and IR blasting your channel changes like everyone
> else.  I've got a homebrew IR blaster on a single serial port,
> with two IR leds.  I have it set up with two receiver box addresses and
> it's extremely reliable.  Search on the list archive if you want the
> write up from
> a year ago or so.

This is what I do and it works, but the quality is quite lacking even
using a hardware mpeg2 capture card.


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